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Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. This is just a little sample of my work until I get the real site ready (by the end of the month). The site will showcase my skills as a frontend developer and a UX designer. I am using a build script that I created with Grunt.js that sets up frontend projects with SaSS and a folder structure that lends itself to scalable projects(look in src/scss directory to see how it's set up).

My main site will be an isomorphic JavaScript app that will consume a JSON api that I will create and other third party api's to display dynamic data. The front end will use React and Redux to generate the views and keep track of state after the initial download from the server, the goal is to have a super responsive app. I'm in the process of developing the new site now and it will be hosted using AWS.

This site is using the Skrollr JS library for creating parallax and scrolling animations. It's mostly for eye candy but also lends itself to the overall UX for the visitor. I can only host HTML/CSS/JS sites that only rely on Apache and PHP because of the current hosting situation. Most of the work is responsive but there might be some older projects I did before RWD became main stream. I hope you enjoy what you see and thank you once again for stopping by.

What I Do


I love building web apps, I can work in the fullstack (but love the frontend).


JavaScript is my language of choice, but I can work with any language.


Looking to join a team with people smarter than I and with the same passion.

I can design too!

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